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Years of research reveals two neurohormones that play a key role in weight loss/gain: Leptin and NPY.

If you can control them, you can get that lean, sexy body you've always wanted.

Leptin - is the good guy. It tells your body to stop eating. More importantly, leptin tells your body to use fat stores for energy (i.e. burn fat).

NPY - is the bad guy. It makes you hungry. It makes you desire sweet, starchy foods. Even worse, it tells your body to store calories as fat, making weight loss much more difficult.

Green Coffee Bean – Coffee Beans before being roasted to make coffee contain a natural compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which is destroyed in the roasting process. This compound combined with caffeine has been proven to help users lose weight faster and more effectively.

It promotes the liver to start burning fat and tells your metabolism to speed up. It doesnt allow as much fat to be absorbed and it releases more glucose into your blood stream.

Chromax® – High levels of insulin resistance diminish the body's ability to maintain a normal metabolism, which leads to weight gain. Research suggests Chromium helps you lose weight by enhancing insulin sensitivity, reducing carb cravings and enhancing carb metabolism.

DiCaffeine Malate – Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant that has numerous benefits. In regards to weight loss, it increases your metabolism and suppresses appetite. Additionally, it increases energy, focus and endurance. Caffeine is bonded with malic acid to make DiCaffeine Malate.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) – PEA is a stimulant that amplifies the activity of neurotransmitters. Research suggests is increases dopamine (for enhanced mood), norepinephrine (for wakefulness), and acetylcholine (for mental acuity). It's responsible for what chocoholics call the “Chocolate High." Anecdotal evidence suggests it stimulates fat burning and appetite reduction.

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“Thank you for your amazing product, I could'nt do it alone....”

I was overweight my entire life. I was always the "fat girl" of the group and never went anywhere without a jacket to cover my arms and midsection. Never. I lived in Texas, so summer consisted of me locking in my room hiding. Anyway, I tried dieting and working out and managed to lose about 5 pounds in 3 months, but I still weighed in at 169 and found out I was pregnant. About 2 months post partum I HATED my squishy 180lb body and decided to go back on my diet/exercise kick..but I added Fenphedra. Fast forward 2 years and I proudly present my new body, at 114 lbs I could not be more proud of myself and I am striving every day to reach the ultimate goal of 110/105. Thank you for your amazing product, I could'nt do it alone.

Devyn Messenger

August 1

"...Fenphedra gave me immediate results and it made me feel great..."

I was extremely unhappy about myself and tried so many products that just did nothing. I came across Fenphedra online and could not have been happier with my results. This product gave me immediate results and it made me feel great. I finally had the energy to start exercising and didn't feel like I was torturing myself with diets. Fenphedra helped me to not feel hungry and sometimes I would have to make myself eat. I met my goal about a year and a half ago and have managed to keep the weight off that I lost which was a total of 90 lbs.

Jessica Troutman

April 11

"The weight started falling off and I began to feel so much better..."

I have Fibromyalgia and needed to lose weight quickly to keep as much weight off my joints as possible. I can't do much exercise due to the pain so I started using fenphedra. After 3 months, the weight started falling off and I began to feel so much better and was able to be more active and live better. I lost 60 pounds in 7 months and went from a size 8 to a size 2 and have never felt better.

Lindsay Loveland

October 29

“The weight just dropped off I was back to my pre size...”

I am a 33 year old mother of two I just had had my son last Jan and I was about 40lbs over weight I had started working out and eating right and got my weight loss started but after a month or so everything stopped. I was reading on line and came across fenphedra I started with two bottles and the weight just dropped off I was back to my pre size in two months I am starting another cycle to get these last 10lbs off love this diet ad

Teiko Duplessis

May 2

We're confident that Fenphedra will help you drop the pounds. In fact, we're so confident that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can use up to one entire box on us. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, simply contact customer support for return information. You can receive a full refund for one used box and any other unused boxes (less shipping).

Q. How long does each box of FENPHEDRA last?

A. Each box of FENPHEDRA contains 60 powerful fat burner capsules. We recommend that you take 1 capsule 30 minute before breakfast and lunch 2 times daily. So each box of FENPHEDRA will last you 30 days.

Q. How old do I have to be to use FENPHEDRA?

A. You must be at least 18 years or older to order FENPHEDRA.


A. Don’t let the medical CART medical terminology lead you to believe that FENPHEDRA is dangerous. No adverse effects have been reported when FENPHEDRA is taken as directed. You should not take FENPHEDRA if you are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants.

Q. How much is FENPHEDRA?

A. Each box of FENPHEDRA retails for $129.99 USD. However, throughout our limited time special offer, you can buy it today for much less, depending on the quantity you order.

Q. What is the Return Policy?

A. Due to the deep discounts, we only accept returns for one open box, and any other unopened boxes up to 90 days after the original purchase date (less S&H). Return Authorization is required for all returns. Please contact customer support after 30 days to receive an RMA number and instructions.

Q. How much is Shipping and Handling?

A. Shipping is free if you buy 2 or more boxes of Fenphedra and are located in the US. If you buy one box, shipping starts at $4.95 for our standard method (4-5 days). However, faster shipping methods are available (see next question).

Q. How soon can I receive my order?

A. All orders are shipped within one business day. Shipping time depends on your location and method. For US customers, we offer FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 days), FedEx 2 Day Air, FedEx Overnight, USPS First Class (2-5 days), and USPS Priority (2-3 days). International orders are shipped FedEx International Mail (10-14 days) and FedEx International Priority (3-5 days, fully trackable).

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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams